A couple months ago I switched my version control system for PHP development from CVS to Git and moved the Tera-WURFL development tree to the public repository Github. Since then I had been using an early version of the Eclipse EGit plugin (I think it was 0.8.1, but I can’t be sure). The plugin was only partially implemented at the time and I used it for committing and pushing only. Other tasks like tagging, branching and merging we difficult or impossible. Today I updated it to 0.8.4 (still in it’s incubation) and I am pleased to see that it is much improved! Most of the functionality of Git is available right from the Eclipse IDE. The icons and windows have been reworked and are much more intuitive now. Also, many of the settings are stored in the standard .git respository, so if you are using the standard Git command-line interface, both systems are 100% compatible! Good work EGit team – thanks for making my life much easier!

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