My name is Steve Kamerman and I am trying to learn as much as possible before I die. So far I am an expert in Linux and Windows administration, hardware and software, PHP, Perl, MySQL, BASH, HTML / CSS / Javascript, Actionscript 2 & 3, Flex 2, 3 and 4, the Adobe CS3 and CS4 suites and a few other things. I am also the author of a very popular mobile device detection library called Tera-WURFL. In the electronics arena I am quite knowledgeable in solid state electronics, radio communications, industrial automation, and mobile devices. In the science world, I spend many hours per week pondering everything from the behavior of subatomic particles to the ability of bending space-time in order to travel long distances faster than the speed of light. In the business field I study the works of Peter Drucker, the man that first defined and documented executive behavior and basically created the study of management. I also follow the Manager Tools podcast by Mark Horstman and Michael Auzenne (the best podcast I’ve ever heard). I am endlessly fascinated with interpersonal communications. I very much enjoy studying the people that have created the foundations for our knowledge. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is an incredible example of the level of understanding that people already had back in 500 B.C. I will sit at the TV and watch How it’s Made for hours because I get to see the unique solutions that people have developed since the industrial revolution to push production to a new level. I am also very interested in the concept of religion, particularly the history of the Protestant branch of the Christian Church. When I need to shut my brain off because it is spinning out of control, I listen to music. I love to turn up the music as high as it will go without too much distortion. I wish I could pump music directly into my brain so I could visualize every harmony and hear each nearly inaudible sound.

I started my first business, HardwareTechNet, in 1998, offering IT Consulting to small businesses in Holland, MI. In 2003 I joined the US Army National Guard as a Secure Communications Repairer. My job was to perform the highest level maintenance on the military’s communications equipment. In 2004-2005 I deployed to Al Taqaddum, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom III. During this deployment I experienced the many different dynamics of life and death and left with a much better understanding of my place in this world. Upon my return, I joined forces with a fellow soldier, Wesley Almeida and started Tera Technologies, Inc. as a Rich Internet Application and General Web Application Development company specializing in Flash, Flex, PHP and MySQL. In 2007 I was married to my beautiful wife Stefanie, and saw the birth of my amazing daughter Emma.

I’ve been self employed most of my adult (and adolescent) life, and now is no exception.  I am the COO and co-founder of ScientiaMobile, Inc in the Washington DC metro area.  ScientiaMobile brings my project, Tera-WURFL and the official WURFL project under one roof.  Luca Passani (CTO, founder of the WURFL Project) and I have been working night and day to bring better, more accurate device data and device detection solutions to market since the inception of our company in mid-2011.  Together with Krishna Guda (CEO), we are bringing mobile device detection to the next level with products like WURFL Cloud and many products that I can’t mention yet :).  We’re growing fast and always looking for new talent, so please check out our current job openings!