New Major Tera-WURFL Release - v1.4.4

After many many hours hunched over my keyboard, I have finished a major revamp of the Tera-WURFL code. Here's what's new:

  • Completely rewrote the error logging system and verified its operation after a bug was discovered (thanks Neil!)
  • Added many features to the web administration console - seriously - check out the online demo!
  • Changed default DATADIR to the included data directory
  • Completely rewrote the README file to include detailed installation instructions and other useful info
  • Optimized the clean installation process - now Tera-WURFL has a brain!
  • Included the current stable release of the wurfl.xml file so you don’t need to download it
  • Included database statistics, log file monitoring and global configuration in new web interface
  • Changed default log level to LOG_WARNING instead of LOG_ERR
  • Described in great detail the purpose of the different database tables
  • If you are using Tera-WURFL 1.4.3 or earlier I would highly recommend that you upgrade to 1.4.4 due to some fairly significant bugs!

Tera-WURFL Website


COO @scientiamobile