NVIDIA SLI Zone Giveaway

I happened to be browsing around tonight and noticed that NVIDIA has been giving away 1 prize per day for a year! Here's the catch - you need to visit the site every 7 days to see if you won or your prize will go to the next guy! Stupid! To make matters worse, only way to see if you won is to use this annoying marquee on their site!http://www.slizone.com/object/slizone_sli_giveaway.htmlSo naturally I decided to make everyone's life a little easier and pumped out a handly little Flex2 app that shows who won for the last week. It is updated in real time since I'm just grabbing the winners off the same RSS feed that's feeding the NVIDIA website. Check it out - it's cool, it's Flex, and it might just save your butt!http://devel.teratechnologies.net/nvidia_winners/


COO @scientiamobile