Just Released: Tera-WURFL 2.1.3 Stable

I’ve been delaying the Tera-WURFL 2.1.3 release since mid-July because of the large number of feature requests and improvements coming in, but the time has come to release it. I’m still waiting for the unit test code to stabilize a bit before I put it into the tree, but if you are interested in it, follow me on GitHub and you should see it soon.

Here’s a short list of features and improvements in Tera-WURFL 2.1.3:

  • Native support for MongoDB
  • Better support and performance for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Command line administration utility
  • Better webservice performance using JSON
  • Better Python client with JSON support
  • Improved performance in MySQL5
  • Device Images are available via the PHP webservice client
  • Loaded WURFL version is now tracked in the DB
  • MySQL connector allows for alternate port
  • Better overall detection

If you’re a command line junky like me, I think you’ll really like the CLI administration tool. ┬áTo use it, just go to your Tera-WURFL/admin/ directory and type php cmd_line_admin.php

# php cmd_line_admin.php

Tera-WURFL Stable 2.1.3
The command line WURFL updater for Tera-WURFL
Loaded WURFL: www.wurflpro.com - 2010-09-09 04:08:06
Last Updated: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 20:38:59 -0500
Usage: php cmd_line_admin.php [OPTIONS]

Option                     Meaning
--help                    Show this message
--update=   The source of the WURFL file:
Update from your local wurfl.xml file:
Update from wurfl.sourceforge.net:
--clearCache              Clear the device cache
--rebuildCache            Rebuild the device cache by redetecting all
cached devices using the current WURFL
--stats                   Show statistics about the Tera-WURFL Database

You can update the WURFL by passing the ----update=local or --update=remote parameter (crontab will like this):

# php cmd_line_admin.php --update=remote
Downloading WURFL from http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/wurfl/WURFL/latest/wurfl-latest.zip ...

done (/testtw/2.1.3/mongo/data/wurfl.xml: 14.80 MB [897.30 KB compressed])
Downloaded in 4.6609511375427 sec @ 1.58 Mbps

Database Update OK
Total Time: 22.146492004395
Parse Time: 3.8051941394806 (TeraWurflXMLParser_SimpleXML)
Validate Time: 0.024373054504395
Sort Time: 1.2780990600586
Patch Time: 0.50953578948975
Database Time: 8.9265999794006
Cache Rebuild Time: 7.6026899814606
Number of Queries: 2456
PHP Memory Usage: 54.49 MB
WURFL Version: www.wurflpro.com - 2010-09-17 15:50:54 (Fri Sep 17 15:56:32 -0500 2010)
WURFL Devices: 13687
PATCH New Devices: 39
PATCH Merged Devices: 1

You can also see stats on the Tera-WURFL database:

# php cmd_line_admin.php --stats
Tera-WURFL Stable 2.1.3
Database Type: MongoDB (ver MongoDB 1.6.2)
Loaded WURFL: www.wurflpro.com - 2010-09-17 15:50:54
Last Updated: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 15:28:05 -0500
Config File: /testtw/2.1.3/mongo/TeraWurflConfig.php
---------- Table Stats -----------

Rows:    13726
Devices: 6229
Size:    30.00 MB

Rows:    522
Size:    1.23 MB

Head over to Tera-WURFL.com and give version 2.1.3 a try!


COO @scientiamobile